CNK Polymer

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Meet us at

NLGI 2023

from 3rd to 5th March 2023
at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR


We are an MSME based in  Goa, India. We specialize in manufacturing of Additives for Greases and Lubricants – Tackifiers, Viscosity Index Improvers and Specialized Custom Made Additives.

We are a part of a diverse family owned business into Manufacturing, Marketing , Consultancy and Rubber Plantation.


Jeetack 521
Jeetack 521 Tackifier is a mixture of High Molecular …
Jeetack 546
Jeetack 546 Tackifier is a mixture of Very High …
Jeetack 551

Jeetack 551 Tackifier is a mixture Very High…

Jeetack 5011
Jeetack 5011 Tackifier-cum-Viscosity Improver …
Jeetavim 1548
Jeetavim 1548 Tackifier-cum-Viscosity Improver …
Jeevim 253010
Jeevim 253010 Viscosity Index Improver…
Jeevim 253018

Jeevim 253018 Viscosity Index Improver …

Jeevim 255020
Jeetack 521 Tackifier is a mixture of High Molecular…

Our Manufacturing Unit

The plant is spread across 7000 sqm of land in Madkai Industrial Estate of GOA IDC.  We operate at near full capacity meeting customer requirments well in time.  

We are equipped to make tailor made products based on customer requirements and specifications.  Minimum order quantity for such product will be 1 FCL.

Our first production unit was situated in Greater Noida, in Delhi NCR.

Our Valuable Customers